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Thank you everyone! - The Fleece Appreciation Challenge
Thank you everyone!
It's time to officially close the challenge. Thank you everyone who contributed! We got a ton of lovely stories, artwork, icons and a wonderful fanmix that's been running on repeat on my MP3 player over the holidays! I also think we can dub this the year of the penguins, or what do you think?


Plugged by goddess47

Wouldn't you like to be orange too? by rosiepaw

Hugging the Fleece by sexycazzy

Waiting is hell by rosiepaw

Sheppard's sense of snow by rosiepaw

Fic + art

Remember When by danceswithgary


Fleecey icons + banner by entropy_maximum

Take My Hand by liresius

Mcshepguins - fleeces by bluespirit_star

Rodney's Sekkrit Algorithmic Obsession Project by liresius

McFleece It Better by liresius

Second Skins by liresius

Strong-armed by liresius

Queer Fish by liresius

McSnuggle by danceswithgary

Finders Keepers by vida_boheme

Icons: McShepguins - snuggle by bluespirit_star

Here Without You by my_scheherazade


Cuddle Up: a McFleece Fanmix by vida_boheme

See you all next December!

/your friendly neighbourhood mods

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bluespirit_star From: bluespirit_star Date: January 5th, 2010 08:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Another lovely celebration!
Thank you to everyone who took part & to our two fabulous mods for organising this shindig! *g*
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